Benificent Burners Logo

Born from the Burning Man community in Sydney, we’re a bunch of like-minded people who want to help make the World a better place in our own style. We meet once a month to discuss projects and activities┬áthat aim to impact society and our environment in positive ways.

Our Mission:

To bring together like-minded and inspired Burners and also anyone with similar intent who want to channel their passion, love, intelligence and creativity into projects that will bring light into our community and the World at large.

The ultimate goal is to cultivate the energy, love, compassion and fun that we each have inside us and do some freakin’ good with it!

Burning for a Brighter Future.

Beneficent [buh-nef-uh-suh nt]
doing good or causing good to be done; conferring benefits; kindly in action or purpose

Get Involved.

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